Christmas Market Rothenburg

Rothenburg to Celebrate Christmas Season City

wide in Compliance with Bavarian Law even though its Cherished Reiterlemarkt is Cancelled

Nothing in the world — not even the fourth resurgence of the Covid-19 virus — can wipe out the Christmas Spirit which reigns 365 days a year in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany’s
iconic, medieval city, high on the hill above the Tauber River in Bavaria.

In accordance with Bavaria’s most recently introduced, stringent Corona preventative laws, ordering the closure of all Christmas/Advent markets throughout “Freistaat Bayern,”
Rothenburg’s Lord Mayor, Dr. Naser and the City Council, have declared that the 2021 Rothenburg Reiterle Christmas Market, will not take place this year.

However, that does not mean the holiday season in this resilient, vibrant, walled town, (Germany’s fifth most-visited tourist attraction,) will not prevail!

Instead, given the fact the very nature of Rothenburg itself lends itself to and embodies most everybody’s vision of Christmas. Its picturesque, atmospheric cobbled stone streets, half-timbered centuries’ old houses, ornate Romanesque-Gothic-Renaissance churches, museums and public buildings, broad plazas, narrow alleys and mysterious paths, the ornately-decorated
façades and bright lights convey an unmistakable Christmas aura, even without the traditional outdoor stands and packed crowds, setting the scene for a city-wide celebration rather than just
the concentrated, heart of the Old Town central marketplace at City Hall.

It will all but there – citywide throughout Rothenburg. Shopes, boutiques, stores, hotels, pubs, snack bars and restaurants will be open. Even more attention will be given to outdoor displays
and festive illumination. And surely the flavors and aromas of delicious traditional taste treats like hot-mulled Glühwein, spicy warm punch, gingerbread Lebkuchen, glazed cookies and
powdered-sugar Stollen cakes will be available, together with sizzling sausages, crispy potato pancakes (Reibedatschi) hearty stews, Christmas goose and duck dominating the menus of
Rothenburg’s gastronomy doing its share to preserve the flavor of Christmas.

The only difference is that most of the hustle and bustle, excitement and fun of Rothenburg’s Annual “Reiterlemarkt” will take place indoors with correct social distancing and strict
observance of the “2-G” rules for all establishments — both indoors and outside:

Safety First – All Current Bavarian Health Statutes will be Observed
Everyone must either be fully vaccinated with certifiable documentation (printed vaccination certificate or digital QR code,) or have proof of having recovered from Covid-19. No
exceptions. Negative Covid tests are not acceptable.
This will assure a safe and enjoyable Advent – pre-Christmas for all visitors and locals alike.

Rothenburg: The World’s Christmas City
Oberburgermeister Naser points out that Rothenburg has a unique reputation as being the world’s only city with “365 days a year Christmas” atmosphere. This is because the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store company whose unparalleled, global reputation as “The Mother of all Christmas Stores,” is headquartered here. It is directly adjacent Market Place in the Herrengasse, in the heart of Rothenburg.

Wohlfahrt’s various sales outlets and splendid inventory of lavish Christmas ornaments and décor have attracted international tourists and consumers for more than half a century. Visiting
its multi-story main store display and labyrinth-like layout can easily consume an hour given the vast selection of items and varying styles of Christmas presentations.

Additionally, Käthe Wohlfahrt’s German National Christmas Museum, an outgrowth of the main store, traces the history of Christmas from its earliest beginnings as Christianity emerged and
spread slowly throughout Europe until modern times. Artifacts – both actual and replicas –illustrations, and remembrances of Christmases of centuries past likewise demand at least an
hour to savor the collection.

“Naturally,” says Dr Naser, “this permanent collection is open throughout the year, another aspect of Rothenburg unique to our city, especially during the Advent-Pre-Christmas season,
with or without our Reiterlemarkt.”

He also pointed out that the Rothenburger Fairy Tale Trail through the city will continue on through December 31st, 2021. This provides an opportunity to discover or rediscover long
forgotten, mysterious tales from by-gone times in an entertaining manner. To learn more about the Rothenburger Märchenbummel 2021, ‘round the town trail , including a
quiz complete with valuable prizes, visit

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