Historical Christmas Market Rothenburg

Christmas Market Rothenburg

500 years of tradition - November, 23rd to December, 23rd 2020

Parts of the market will stay open from December, 26th 2020 - January, 6th 2021

Where? You will find the Christmas Market of Rothenburg at Marktplatz, Grüner Markt, Kapellenplatz, Schrannenplatz, Herrngasse, Schmiedgasse, Burggarten and Kirchplatz

What? Every year Medieval Rothenburg transforms into a wintertime fairy tale. The festive Advent season has been accompanied by a wonderful Christmas market since the fifteenth century. The market looks back on over 500 years of tradition and has changed little from its historical origins over this time.

Fun fact: The Reiterle’s origins extend back into prehistory. In the past he was a feared figure, but today both young and old look forward to his appearance.

Be sure not to miss: Mulled white wine and a delicious treat from the food stands.