Where to park and what to consider

Car parks outside the old town:

  • P1 – Am Friedrich-Hörner-Weg (busses, trucks and cars)
  • P2 – Nördlinger Straße (busses, cars and camper vans)
  • P3 – Schweinsdorfer Straße (busses, trucks, cars and camper vans)
  • P4 – Hornburgweg (cars only)
  • P5 – Bezoldweg (cars only)

Electric charching station:

  • P5, Bezoldweg
  • VR Bank, Bahnhofstraße 7
  • Stadtwerke Rothenburg, Steinweg 25

Further Information on parking fees

Traffic restrictions

No motor vehicles permitted in the center of the old town from 7.00 p.m. – 6.00 a.m. Additional closures during festivals and celebrations.

Coaches will need a permission! Information here: