Taste of the Tauber – a slogan for all of Rothenburg

What are some of the typical foods you might get here? In Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the answer is: for a city with 11,500 residents, the culinary variety is certainly unique. It could be the traditional Franconian-Swabian cuisine (dumplings vs. spaetzle), modern international cuisine with star ratings, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese or American – Rothenburg’s cosmopolitan flair is also reflected on the dinner plate. Delicious wine from the region or local beer complement the indulgence at the table. And to sate your appetite in the mornings and at lunch, you can find a café or bakery at nearly any corner in the old city – never with convenient foods, everything made regionally and sustainably. Of course the typical Rothenburg pastry can be found everywhere – the Snowball.

Wine culture in selected restaurants

The “Taste of the Tauber” initiative is dedicated to wine. In the restaurants you can find sophisticated seasonal dishes served with the best wines from the region. Especially recommended: a flyer of these wines called “Versucherle” – participating restaurants serve three small courses and three matching wines for 20 Euros per person. This is an ideal arrangement for exploring the local wines and specialties. Another great opportunity to discover Franconian wine culture is the Rothenburg Wine Festival, which is held in mid-August against a historic backdrop at Grüner Markt. At many Rothenburg inns, seasonal highlights include the asparagus harvest and goose and duck dishes served for Advent. In addition to the inns, a visit to the beer gardens along the Tauber and in the courtyards of many hotels can also be recommended. Wonderful meals are available right here in the old city – almost like in your own backyard.

What’s going on with the Snowballs?

It’s rare that anyone leaves the city without having tried one of the famous Rothenburg Snowballs. No wonder – you can find them on all corners in all of their varieties – and please look for the originals at Rothenburg’s private run bakeries. But there is just one original: the one with powdered sugar. This is also where the name of the Snowballs originated, which were once prepared in the area surrounding Rothenburg for large family celebrations. The reason: You could prepare them well in advance, since Snowballs stay fresh for weeks. And this in turn is the reason why the city’s guests love to take them home as gifts. The Snowball as Rothenburg’s export goods: During the Christmas season in particular, the deep-fryers in Rothenburg’s family bakeries are running full steam. Up to six thousand Snowballs per day are produced at that time. Many end up at Advent markets all over Germany.

Rothenburg's famous snowballs

Café culture on the Tauber

Relaxing at Rothenburg Market Square

While many people eat a Snowball to go or tuck it in their luggage, lingering in the cafés and ice cream parlors around the Marktplatz and the old city’s streets is certainly worthwhile. Here you can indulge in homemade products in an extraordinary setting, enjoy coffee at your leisure and watch people from all over the world.