Experiencing the Tower Trail

Rothenburg Tower Trail

Learn more about Rothenburg's town fortification gates and towers. Videos now available!

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Rödertor (Röder Gate)

The Röder Gate is one of the five main gates in the outer town fortifications of Rothenburg.

Galgentor (Gallows Gate)

The Gallows Gate got its name, from the gallows that stood outside the gate in the so-called “Little-Head Meadow”.

Klingentor (Klingen Gate)

The Klingen Gate is the northern entrance to the town and, along with the fortified Church of St. Wolfgang, forms the fortifications of the Klingen Gate bastion.

Burgtor (Castle Gate)

The fortified castle gate which was built around 1460 is the western gate system with the highest gate tower of Rothenburg’s town fortifications.

Kobolzeller Tor (Kobollzell Gate)

The place known as Kobolzell, which once lay in the Tauber Valley, lent its name to the Kobolzeller Gate.

Spitaltor (Spital Gate)

“Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus”, – “Peace to those who enter, salvation to those who leave”. This is the inscription with which the Spital Gate, greets its visitors.