Romantisches Franken

Romantisches Franken

Hiking and Enjoying the Franconian Heights

Plenty of sunshine, equally restorative countryside, and rich offering of culture in the rucksack are all available in Romantic Franconia. Every year, more and visitors let this enchanting vacation region into their hearts.

The mainly untouched nature stretches from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Hesselberg and from Dinkelsbühl to Ansbach and on to the gates of Nuremburg, offers you a wide visitor and vacation program.

Whether you’re taking a family, cycling, hiking or culture vacation, Romantic Franconia offers you cozy vacation homes, mysterious castles and forts, culinary countryside tours, and so much more.

Numerous all-inclusive offers make planning your vacation easier. Or you can tailor your vacation to exactly how you want it.

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