Liebliches Taubertal

Liebliches Taubertal

Eldorado for Cyclists, Hikers, and Wine Connoisseurs

The borders of the vacation countryside of Liebliche Taubertal are found to the south at Rothenburg ob der Tauber and in the

north at the river Main with the town Wertheim and Freudenberg. Cyclists and hikers will find a warm welcome in this wonderful cultural landscape that offers beautiful nature and hospitable towns and communities with delicious culinary offers. Apart from the opportunity of finding active rest and relaxation in the Tauber valley, there is also the Tauber Valley Wine Road to explore. Along the way you will find beautiful tributary valleys and the heights of the vacation countryside bound up together. Rebhängen has wonderful panoramic views of the Main and Tauber valleys and the surrounding regions. Cozy wine festivals, wine tastings and quaint Besenwirtschaften taverns warmly invite guests to enjoy regional specialties throughout the year.

The Tauber Valley Wine Road extends stretches along 126 miles through the Tauber valley wine region, connecting cultural countryside, wonderful towns and communities, culture and, of course, the wineries and vineyards. It is a road of relaxation and enjoyment that visitors are advised to take three to four days to enjoy.


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